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Weight: 280.00g

Price: 203.37‎€
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Aluminium oxide:
* Measuring depth:
Pressure gauge:

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Tensiometers of the series TX-E are TX tensiometers equipped with an electronic pressure transducer that outputs a ratiometric voltage signal. The measuring range is 0 to 1000 hPa soil water potetial. TX-E is available with or without an additional analog pressure gauge and optionally with a tip made of high-quality aluminum oxide ceramic.

The TX-E series tensiometers can be used with a wide range of different data acquisition devices and are ideal for integrators and developers. Apart from this, the TX-E series tensiometers offer all the proven features of the analog TX tensiometers, such as exceptionally fast response to changes in suction stress and very low maintenance requirements.

Technical specifications

Relative pressure (negative pressure compared to atmosphere)
Unit of measurement:
mbar (=hPa)
Measuring Range:
0 - 1000 hPa
1 hPa / mbar
±0.5% over entire span
Ratiometric, 10 to 90% of the supply voltage
Screw cap
Shaft thickness:
OD 22 mm, ID 16 mm, wall thickness 3 mm
Ceramic tip:
clay material, length 50mm, OD 22mm,
optional: alumina ceramic, length 70mm, OD 22mm
Supply voltage:
2.7 to 5.0 VDC
3 m

Typical applications

IoT integrators and developers. Continuous data recording in fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, potatoes and other crops.