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A timely analysis of the content of nutrients and pollutants is of great importance in many areas of application. In crop production, knowledge of the content of existing plant nutrients is the basis of any professional fertilizer application.

Different approaches are common:

Soil analysis:

Here, solid soil or substrate samples are prepared for analysis by slurrying with distilled water or extraction solutions and analyzed for nutrient content.

Analysis of soil solution:

Here, soil solution is obtained with suction lysimeters, and analyzed for nutrient content.

Analysis of press-sap of different plant organs:

Here, the sap of fresh plant organs (petioles, fruits, etc.) is pressed out and used for analysis.

More information Press-Sap Analysis on our Youtube channel.

Water analysis:

Here, water or fertigation solution is analyzed directly for ion content.

We offer a wide range of fast on-site analysis instruments for many applications.

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Laqua Twin Ion Selective Pocket Meters from Horiba

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Ion-selective pocket meters for nitrate, potash, calcium, sodium and salt, fluoride and ORP

Laqua Twin Ion Selective Pocket Meters as Complete Set

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Horiba Laqua Twin pocket meters as a practical complete set

NutriLab WebApp

Ex Tax: 49.00‎€

App for the interpretation of measured values of the plant press-sap analysis

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LAQUA ION2000 Benchtop Meter for Ion Concentration, pH and ORP

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High quality ion selective benchtop meter from Japan

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