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nutrilabNutriLab is a web-based app for interpreting and archiving measured values from the press-sap analysis of fresh plant organs. The app can be used with a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Currently, 75 plant species are covered with 315 optimum values, the evaluation of the measured values is based on plant species and development stage according to the BBCH scale. For some crops, optimum values for individual varieties are also included. The app contains optimum values for Nitrate and in many cases also for potash, and thus covers the most important nutrients of fertilization after crop emergence, for numerous crops even in several development stages.

NutriLab is available as an annual subscription.


The database on which the app is based is continuously expanded and updated. The optimum values are based on extensive literature research and trials at the Institut für Gemüse- und Zierpflanzenbau Großbeeren e.V.

NutriLab was developed with support from the BMEL

Introduction video

For more information see MMM Youtube channel