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Dimensional changes of plant organs are the result of growth and reflect, among other things, changes in water content in the plant body, which are influenced by environmental factors and cultural measures. Accurate knowledge of this relationship is of great importance for research as well as for practice in order to achieve optimal yields and quality.

Dendrometers are instruments for continuous measurement of plant growth: changes in diameter and circumference of shoots, branches or stems, and for measuring the diameter of fruits and vegetables. Data from dendrometers document plant responses to the environment with high accuracy. Due to the injury-free measuring method the stress on the plant is reduced to a minimum.

Temporally high-resolution, continuous recordings of the data with a data acquisition device, allow the exact allocation of plant reactions to environmental influences and cultural measures such as irrigation applications.

We offer the IoT4H2O® devices and iMetos stations as data acquisition devices.

Typical applications

  • Scientific applications
  • Investigation of the influence of environmental factors on plant growth
  • monitoring of plant growth processes
  • Non-invasive monitoring of the water status of plants, also for irrigation control
  • Accurate dating of the beginning and end of the growing period

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Dendrometer Model DD-S
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Dendrometer for shoot and trunk diameters

Dendrometer model DC-2
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Dendrometer for trunk circumference

Dendrometer model DF
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Dendrometer for fruit diameter