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Height and intensity of precipitation are central parameters of growing conditions. Since the height and intensity of precipitation can also vary greatly over small areas, a small-scale high-resolution measurement of rain is very useful.

Measuring instruments for rain with and without remote data transmission are available.

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Rain gauge WM-M-RG

Ex Tax: 215.00‎€

Rain gauge for integration in many applications

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MM-ND Rain gauge

Ex Tax: 3.20‎€

Plastic rain gauge with stick holder.

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NMetos 100 Rain gauge

Ex Tax: 499.00‎€

Rain gauge with integrated NB IoT data transmission

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IoT4Rain Rain gauge

Ex Tax: 680.00‎€

Turnkey complete package for precipitation monitoring

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WD-RT Station for rain and temperature measurement

Ex Tax: 545.00‎€

Micro weather station for various parameters from Spectrum

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