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Weight: 150.00g

Price: 44.86‎€
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T1 tensiometers have a pressure gauge with self-explanatory color coding for quick and easy interpretation of the measured value, even by unskilled workers. The silicone plug encloses smaller dirt particles airtight, allowing uncomplicated filling in the field. Version available with pressure gauge readable from the side or top.

Technical specifications

Unit of measurement:
mbar (=hPa)
Measuring Range:
0 - 600 mbar /hPa Soil Water Potential
Pressure gauge:
Accuracy class 1.6 (±1.6 % max.)
always-tight silicone seal
Shaft thickness:
OD: 16 mm, ID: 12 mm, wall thickness: 2 mm
Ceramic tip:
Clay material, length 50mm, OD 22mm

Typical applications

Strawberries, soft fruit, fine vegetables, cultivation under glass and foil; also suitable for open ground