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Weight: 310.00g

Price: 136.26‎€
Ex Tax: 114.50‎€


* Measuring depth:

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Tensiometers from the manufacturer Irrometer®, have been built for over 65 years and meet the highest demands.

Irrometer Tensiometers are equipped with a waterproof stainless steel pressure gauge with improved pressure compensation. The shaft has an integrated water reservoir to replace lost water at any time in the field. The ceramic tip is replaceable. The tensiometer is filled air-free for operation and thus reacts particularly quickly to changes in soil water tension. Recommended accessories: Irrometer service pump

Technical specifications

Unit of measurement:
Centibar (= kPa)
Measuring Range:
0 - 100 centibar /kPa Soil water potential
screw cap with water reservoir
Shaft thickness:
OD 22 mm, ID 16 mm, wall thickness 5 mm
Ceramic tip:
Clay material, length 70mm, OD 22mm

Typical applications

Strawberries, soft fruit, fine vegetables, asparagus in the open field, tunnel cultivation and cultivation under glass. Tree fruit and hops, nursery.