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Weight: 310.00g

Price: 148.75‎€
Ex Tax: 125.00‎€


* Measuring depth:

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Irrometer Tensiometers model IR-LT are equipped with a special "Low Tension" ceramic tip and a fine resolution pressure gauge. The ceramic tip, which reacts particularly quickly at low soil water tensions, makes this model especially suitable for substrates. Apart from this, the IR-LT model has identical features to the IR series, it also meets the highest demands. Recommended accessories: Irrometer Service Pump

Technical specifications

Unit of measurement:
Centibar (= kPa)
Measuring Range:
0 - 40 centibar/kPa Soil water potential
screw cap with water reservoir
Shaft thickness:
OD 22 mm, ID 12 mm, wall thickness 5 mm
Ceramic tip:
Clay material Low Tension, length 70mm, OD 22mm

Typical applications

Ornamental plants, strawberries, soft fruits, fine vegetables in cultivation on substrate in the tunnel and under glass.