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Weight: 184.00g

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* Measuring depth:
* TX Model:

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The TX Series Tensiometers, are innovative, virtually maintenance-free tensiometers with unmatched rapid response to changes in soil water tension. The Tensiometer is read from the top. Air can be completely evacuated from TX Series Tensiometers.

Two versions:

TX6 with a range of 0-600 hPa for use in protected cultivation and TX10 with a range of 0-1000 hPa for outdoor use.
The TX10 model is equipped with a waterproof pressure gauge. Both manometer models with the proven self-explanatory color coding of MMM tech support for quick and easy interpretation of the measured value.

Technical specifications

Unit of measurement:
mbar (=hPa)
Measuring Range:
TX6: 0-600 hPa
TX10: 0-1000 hPa
Pressure gauge:
Accuracy class 1.6 (±1.6 % max.)
TX10: with diaphragm for atmospheric pressure compensation
Screw cap
Shaft thickness:
OD 22 mm, ID 16 mm, wall thickness 3 mm
Ceramic tip:
Clay material, length 50mm, OD 22mm

Typical applications


Cultivation in the foil tunnel and under glass. Drip irrigation, strawberries, soft fruits, fine vegetables.


Outdoor cultivation: sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, asparagus, potatoes, soft fruit, tree fruit, tree and vine nursery, hops