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Weight: 440.00g

Price: 803.25‎€
Ex Tax: 675.00‎€


Software licence:

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WatchDog Micro weather stations cost-effectively record up to 6 different environmental parameters. One sensor for air temperature (LT) and one for relative humidity (RH) are always built into the basic unit, up to 4 additional sensors can be connected. For use, the basic device is placed in the convection hood, protected from the weather. Current measured values and battery status can be read directly on the LCD display. Data export to Excel possible. Software (unless otherwise specified), data cable, weather protection/convection hood and battery are included.

Technical specifications

10584 measurement intervals (= 220 days with 30-minute logging interval)
Logging Intervall:
1 to 60 min, adjustable via software
External Sensors:
4 inputs (models with 2 inputs on request)
Operating conditions:
Between -30°C and +50°C
Protection class:
Device IP61, weather protection convection hood
Supply voltage:
Battery CR2450, approx. 12 months lifetime
Dimensions / Weight:
80 mm x 60 mm x 30 mm, 85 grams
Air temperature:
-10°C to +60°C (±0.6°C)
Relative humidity:
5 to 95%rLF (±3% rel. LF (in 10 - 90% rel. LF), otherwise ±5%)
Usage license is valid only for installation on ONE computer.
License extensions (WDse) are required for installation on additional computers.