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With a radio extension via RadioNode, up to 16 measuring locations further apart can be recorded and managed wirelessly with just one iMetos station, without laying damage-prone cables.

RadioNodes are small, wireless, battery-powered data acquisition units with license-free data radio with a range of up to 500m. The RadioNodes record the measured values of the sensors connected to them and send the data via free radio to the iMetos base station, which is connected to the Internet. From there, the data is transmitted to the cloud platform, where it is displayed.

One iMetos Station can manage up to 16 RadioNodes. This means that up to 16 measurement locations further apart can be recorded wirelessly with just one iMetos Station. Cables that are susceptible to damage are no longer necessary.

RadioNode are available in different versions, the following sensors are supported: Soil Moisture (Watermarks, Tensiometers, Meter Sensors, Sentek Profile Probes), Temperatures, Precipitation.