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iMetos Model:
  • IMT200 iMetos 3.3 basic unit & rain, air temperature, humidity, leaf wetness
  • IMT280USW iMetos3 basic unit & rain, air temperature humidity, global radiation, wind speed and direction
  • IMT300USW iMetos3 basic instrument & rain, air temperature humidity, global radiation, leaf wetness duration, wind speed and direction
  • TNS30 iMetos3 basic device without sensors
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iMetos weather stations are designed for tough, long-term outdoor use and are fully modular. The power supply is solar, and a wide selection of different sensors is available. The sensors can be connected either directly to the station, or via sensor bus or radio nodes to the base unit.

iMetos stations are very sophisticated and robust. As early as 2004, the manufacturer of iMetos weather stations was one of the first to introduce automated data transfer to a data cloud, setting today's standard. Some of the iMetos stations, which were installed right after the market launch by MMM tech support in 2004, are still running today without interruptions or failures.

iMetos stations send the recorded measured values via the conventional mobile phone network and can therefore be used worldwide without any problems. The data is sent to the multi-secured data cloud (server with daily backup) at adjustable intervals.
The data can be accessed via computer, tablet or smartphone. Each user account can be assigned the status of master or read-only access.

Rights with read account

Data is presented in tabular and graphical form
Potential evapotranspiration Et
Degree days and other temperature totals
Download as Excel file to your own computer

Rights with Master Account

Data is presented in tabular and graphical form
Potential evapotranspiration Et
Degree days and other temperature totals
Download as Excel file to your own computer


In addition to data collection and display, iMetos weather stations offer additional functions:

Warning function:

The warning function is available by default at no additional cost. iMetos stations can automatically send warnings via SMS to up to 8 different cell phone numbers based on adjustable thresholds for the measured values. This function can also be used in parallel for several sensors.

Calculation of temperature and rainfall totals

A calculator for temperature and rainfall totals is standard and available free of charge.

Prediction models for plant diseases and pests:

Numerous forecast models for a wide range of plant diseases are available as an additional service. The forecast models are paid subscriptions; they are made available alongside the free services on after booking.

Site specific weather forecast

The highly accurate, site-specific weather forecast is provided alongside the free services at and when booked, provides a 7-day weather forecast tailored to one's location with hourly resolution.


Technical specifications

External Sensors:
1 x wind, 1 x leaf wetness, 1 x rain, 1 x water meter (reed),
2 x hygroclips (air temperature and relative humidity),
5 x digital inputs with automatic sensor detection and sensor chain support
1x expansion port for radio node or Sentek Drill & Drop or ultrasonic wind sensor or two additional PI bus chain ports
8 MB flash memory
2G, 3G, 4G (LTE Class 1, LTE Class M)
Measuring interval:
5 minutes (by default)
Recording interval:
10 to 120 minutes (user selectable)
Alarm SMS:
Configurable by the user via the website
Transmission frequency:
User selectable
Supply voltage:
Battery 6V, 4.5AH
Operating conditions:
-35 °C to 80 °C
Dimensions / Weight without sensors:
41 cm L x 13 cm W x 7 cm H, 2.2kg
 Solar panel dimensions:
13.5 x 13.5 cm, 2 Watt solar panel

Typical applications

  • Acquisition and recording of general meteorological parameters
  • Plant disease prognosis
  • Detection of soil moisture and control of irrigation
  • Temperature monitoring, temperature control
  • Frost warning
  • Determination of temperature sums, cold periods, irradiation etc.
  • Query the condition of distant areas (trafficability, wind conditions, etc.)
  • Site specific weather forecast