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Brand: Watermark
Weight: 170.00g

Price: 223.72‎€
Ex Tax: 188.00‎€


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Waterswitch units control irrigation controllers (with sensor input) based on soil water tension. Irrigation takes only place when the soil is drier than the threshold set on the Waterswitch unit. The Waterswitch unit is connected by cable to the irrigation controller, but it cannot independently switch solenoid valves without an irrigation controller. The Waterswitch units exist in two models:

Waterswitch type WS-B (9VDC).

WS-B units provide a dry contact switch and is connect to the sensor port of a battery-powered irrigation controller. The Waterswitch units are powered by a 9V battery and automatically check the soil moisture every 5 minutes and switch the sensor port according to the soil moisture. The Waterswitch units can be used with irrigation computers that require a normally open or normally closed contact.

Waterswitch type WS (24VAC)

Waterswitch units type WS can be connected to the sensor port of an irrigation controller in the same way as the units type WS-B and thus control a complete irrigation system. In addition, it is also possible to use the units as a "Common Interrupt" switch unit, and thus control only individual solenoid valves or groups of solenoid valves individually.

WS units check the soil moisture as soon as the irrigation controller starts a water application. The unit is supplied with 24 VAC power from the irrigation controller.

Technical specifications

1 Watermark
1 Watermark
Supply voltage:
24 VAC
Moisture levels:
9 levels
9 levels
Dimensions / Weight:
67x64x51mm, 142g
67x64x38mm, 116g