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Brand: Watermark

Price: 89.25‎€
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The Watermark SDI-12 adapter board converts the signal from up to 3 Watermark sensors and a WM-BT-X temperature sensor into a digital SDI-12 signal. This allows Watermark sensors to be easily integrated into automation and data logger systems from many other manufacturers. It is possible to integrate several WM-S-SDI adapter boards into an SDI-12 bus system without any problems.

Technical specifications

Supply voltage:
min: 5VDC max: 40VDC
Measuring time:
100ms (with 12VDC supply)
Power consumption in sleep mode:
15 μA
Power consumption in idle mode:
500 μA
Current consumption measurement:
1.05 mA
Power consumption measurement:
1.25 mA
45.7mm x 30.5mm