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Brand: MMM Now_SMS
Weight: 1,000.00g

Price: 868.70‎€
Ex Tax: 730.00‎€

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NOS-Frost is optimized for use as a frost detector in orchards, strawberries, Christmas trees and other crops. The temperature is measured with a high quality combination sensor for wet and dry temperature.
 In daily use, only a cell phone is required to query current measurement data, receive warnings and switch electrical consumers, e.g. pumps, on and off.


The system can be used in three different ways simultaneously:

Warning mode

Using the supplied software, the warning thresholds for wet and dry temperature can be set separately. If these thresholds are exceeded or not reached, an SMS warning message is immediately sent to up to 4 cell phone numbers. If desired, the warning can also be repeated up to 4 times, or additionally sent by email, the text of the warning message can be freely formulated.

Info mode

The current wet and dry temperature and the status of the internal relay can be queried at any time by cell phone (password - SMS). The current voltage of the battery is always sent automatically.

Switching mode

Also the internal relay can be switched at any time by cell phone (password - SMS). Relay: changeover contact max. 250 VAC, at 2A. Optionally, the switching operation can also be automatically linked to the exceeding or falling below of a warning threshold, thus a sensor-controlled automation can be realized with the Now_SMS device.

Technical specifications

1x wet bulb temperature, 1 x dry bulb temperature with U-bracket
Measuring Range:
-40 to 150°C
±0.2 °C in the range 0 to 70°C
Water reservoir:
0.5 liter, UV stable PVC
Quadband Modem
Interval temperature update:
1 x per minute
Stainless steel, 15x10x4 cm
Plastic, IP66
Sensor cable:
3m in cable protection corrugated tube
Supply voltage:
12 VDC (standard car battery or transformer)


Now_SMS basic device (NOS-GG) and combination sensor for wet and dry temperature (NOS-NTT), USB cable, software