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The EC value or the conductivity of the soil solution and in soil extracts is an expression of the salinity of the soil solution. The EC value is therefore an important parameter for the growth conditions in the root area and has a significant influence on the growth and health of the plants. The simplest way to measure soil salinity is to measure the soil's electrical conductivity (EC value). The EC value is closely correlated with the salinity of the soil solution and is also influenced by temperature and soil moisture. Temperature compensation is therefore always necessary when measuring the EC value. A direct measurement in the soil or substrate should always be carried out at a soil moisture level close to field capacity.

The EC value is also an important parameter for assessing water for irrigation purposes. Many plant species can be harmed by a too high EC value of the irrigation water.

Controlling fertilizer solutions (and stock solution) for fertigation in protected and open fields is another important application. During fertigation , the EC value should be checked regularly to ensure that all plants are receiving sufficient nutrients, but also that salt levels are not building up too much.

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