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SKU: 9371-10D
Weight: 300.00g

Price: 498.61‎€
Ex Tax: 419.00‎€

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This stainless steel conductivity cell is shockproof and is the best choice for measuring organic solvents as well as ultrapure water samples because the housing is made of rustproof material.

  • Low conductivity measurements (0.01~500 µS/cm) with BNC connector.
  • This cell can be connected to the gauges with BNC connector, eg 200/F-70/1500/2000 series.
  • Flow cell is available.

A wide selection of conductivity measuring cells is available for Horiba devices. Compatible with 200 Series and 300 Series handhelds (with adapter) and 1500, 2000, and F-Series benchtop or laboratory devices.

Technical specifications

Measuring Range:
EC: 0.01 μS/cm to 500 μS/cm
Temperature: 0 to 100 °C
Stainless steel
Cell constant:
0.1 (cm 1)
Temperature sensor:
Total length:
180 mm
16 mm