IoT4Tunnel T10This complete package is optimized for cultivation on substrates. Monitoring of temperature, rel. humidity and substrate moisture with the proven volumetric measuring Teros-10 sensor. Data update every 15 min.

The complete package includes the basic device, device holder, batteries, NB IOT SIM card, data traffic, data hosting and use of the WebApp for 1 year and the sensors as specified.


Technical data sensors

Air temperature and rel. humidity:

Measuring range temp: -30 to 70 °C
Measuring range rel. humidity: 0 to 100 %rF
Accuracy Temp: ± 0,5 K @ 23 °C
Accuracy rel. humidity: ±2.5% rel. humidity (in the range 10 to 40 °C, 10 to 90% rel. humidity)
Filters: PTFE-filter
Convection hood: 2.3°C/KW/m2 @ 1m/s Wind speed.
 Cable: 1,5m

Teros-10 Sensor for substrate moisture:

Measuring range: 0-70 % water content
Resolution: 0,1%
Accuracy : ±3% (with standard calibration)
Available calibrations: for substrates and mineral soil
Sensor length: 5,5 cm
Cable: 5m


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