IoT4Tunnel GThis complete package is optimized for recording the growth climate. Monitoring of temperature, rel. humidity and PAR radiation (PAR: Photosynthetically effective spectral range). Data update every 15 min.

The complete package includes the basic device, device holder, batteries, NB IOT SIM card, data traffic, data hosting and use of the WebApp for 1 year and the sensors as specified.


Technical data sensors

Air temperature and rel. humidity:

Measuring range temp: -30 to 70 °C
Measuring range rel. humidity: 0 to 100 %rF
Accuracy Temp: ± 0,5 K @ 23 °C
Accuracy rel. humidity: ±2.5% rel. humidity (in the range 10 to 40 °C, 10 to 90% rel. humidity)
Filters: PTFE-filter
Convection hood: 2.3°C/KW/m2 @ 1m/s Wind speed.
 Cable: 1,5m

Sensor for PAR - radiation:

Measurement: Radiation in the wavelength range 400 to 700 nm
Measuring range: 0-2500 μMol/ms2
Resolution: 0.5 μMol/ms2
Accuracy: ±5%
Leveling plate: yes with level
Cable: 2,0m


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