IoT4hPa TXEMThis complete package is configured for controlling irrigation with electronic tensiometers. Monitoring of soil or substrate moisture with 3 x TX-E electronic tensiometers with additional analog manometer. This allows the tensiometers to be read directly in the field without a smartphone. Data update every min60.

The complete package includes the basic device, device holder, batteries, NB IOT SIM card, data traffic, data hosting and use of the WebApp for 1 year and the sensors as specified.


Technical data TX-EM Tensiometer:

Measuring range: 0-1000 hPa Suction
Resolution: 1 hPa
Accuracy Electron. Pressure transducer: 0.5 % over entire span
Pressure gauge: Accuracy class 1.6 (±1.6 % max.), waterproof
Ceramic: 5 cm length, air entry point >1000 hPa.
Dimensions: Shaft AD 22 mm, ID 16 mm, wall thickness 3 mm
Length/measuring depth: Selectable 20cm/30cm/50cm/60cm/90cm - please specify with order
Cable: 3m


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