Irrometer Tensiometer Modell MLT are built with a special „Low Tension" Ceramic, which is especially sensitive and fast reacting under low tension conditions. Further the instrument has a Manometer with fine resolution (0 to 40 kPa). The Tensiometer offers minimal dimensions and is light-weight therefore it is optimal for measuring in small pots and growbags.

Technical Data

Measurement Unit: Centibar (= kPa)
Measurement Range: 0 - 40 Centibar /kPa Soil water potential.
Length / depth: 12cm, AD 10 mm
Ceramic: 3,5 cm long, reacts sensitive and fast under low tension conditions

Typical Applications

Substes, Growbags and Pots



IR-MLT - Miniature Tensiometer:
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IR-MLT Irrometer Mini-Tensiometer 12 cm 91,40 €
(108,77 €)
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IR-MLT - Spare parts:
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IR-MLT-BO MLT Replacement Ceramic & shaft 29,50 €
(35,11 €)
IR-MLT-M MLT Replacement Manometer 0 to 40 kPa 52,70 €
(62,71 €)
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