Horiba Laqua pocket meters as complete set in case

This set is available in two versions, either with 6 measuring instruments and a hand press for leaf-petioles which contains everything necessary for the petiole press sap analysis, or as a premium complete set with 7 measuring instruments ideal for a wide variety of measuring tasks.

The complete sets offer best value for money, the 6 instrument set is 10% less compared to individual purchase, and the 7 instrument set is over 20% less compared to individual purchase!

Laqua sets can also be individually equipped according to your needs - please contact us

Technical Data

see chapter Nutrients, pH and EC measurement.


LA-Set Komplettsets:
SKU Name Price *  
LA-6Set complete case: LA-NO3, LA-K, LA-Ca, LA-Na, PH-22, EC-22, BSPRES 1650,00 €
(1963,50 €)
LA-7Set Komplettkoffer: LA-NO3, LA-K, LA-Ca, LA-Na, LA-Salt, PH-33, EC-33 1855,00 €
(2207,45 €)
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