iMetos Wetterstation

iMetos automatic weather stations are used as tool to optimize agricultural production, or to monitor any other process, influenced by environmental conditions. In agriculture the stations are collecting, recording, presenting and interpreting important data on growing conditions and on farm work routines. Only based on solid information possible improvements and potential savings can be detected and realized.

iMetos Stations by Pessl Instruments provide data access worldwide per internet. No specific software necessary. Data access protected by individual user name and password. In addition to this, alert messages per SMS can be triggered, if user-set thresholds for sensor values are over- or underpassed.

iMetos is the ideal solution in all situations, where on-site data collection is difficult or cost intensive, and continously logged data are required.

Working Principle

iMetos Stations stations are designed for tough conditions in practical agriculture, and are a fully modular system. Power supply is solar, optionally also by mains adapter. The end price is determined by cost of the iMetos base Station plus cost of necessary sensors. Sensors can be attached to the base station either directly, or by sensor-bus cable or by Radio-Nodes.

The iMetos Station records or logs data automatically, and transmits the most recent data by GSM Modem or through an existing WiFi Network to the datacloud
Data logging and transmission frequency can be set by the user. The cloud-server meets highest security standards and is back-upped daily. The server offers it’s users access to the collected data worldwide by every computer with Internet access and by Android or iOS Smartphones, no specific software necessary. Data can be downloaded from as EXCEL file.

fieldclimate chart

Royalty free*** services at

for all registered users: Data presentation, graphical form, spreadsheet
Potential Evapotranspiration Et
Degree-day, degree-hour calculator
Data downloadas EXCEL file
additionally for Master: Access to weather station settings, i.e. logging and data transmission frequency, thresholds for SMS alerts etc.

Further additional services are available at an subscription fee: Climatic water balance for multiple fields / crops, site specific weather forecast and various plant disease risk prognosis models.

*** Only in the first year for iMetos ECO

SMS Alert Function


Additionally, iMetos offers an alert function: Alert messages per SMS can be triggered and sent to maximum 8 different mobile phone numbers if user-set thresholds for sensor values are over or underpassed. This function is available also for multiple sensors.

Typical Applications

  • Monitoring of meteorological Data
  • Plant desease and Pest prognosis
  • Irrigation scheduling and soil moisture monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring and control
  • Frost alert in fruit trees and early potatoes...
  • Temperature control for management of cultural foil and fleece
  • Monitoring of temperature and rel. humidity in- and outside of plastic tunnels
  • Monitoring of soil temperature in 0-10-20 cm...
  • Climate monitoring in animal husbandry and temperature monitoring in silo
  • Monitoring of general meteorological data
  • Calculation of degree days and -hours, radiation ...
  • Information on conditions in remote fields (accessability, wind conditions, soil moisture etc.)
  • Monitoring of wind speed at plastic tunnels
  • Site specific weather forecast

For most common applications pre-configured Stations are available. However, iMetos Stations can be configured according to individual needs - one of the strong points of the system.
The comprehensive iMetos System offers almost unlimited options to solve your monitoring task in an optimal fashion. For a quotation on individual configured station please ask.


iMetos Stations include

Base unit with solar power and battery, holder and mounting brackets, offering all basic functions like datalogging, automatic GSM data transmission, alert function, data access via
Sensors according to model.

Not included: SIM Card, prognosis models


Worth knowing

Already in 2004, as one of the first, the manufacturer of iMetos, Pessl Instruments, brought weather stations to market with automated data transfer to a cloud, as it is standard today.

Since then, the provision of automatically collected data by has been extended constantly with useful evaluation functions. (see grafic)

Some of the iMetos stations, installed by MMM tech support just after the launch in 2004, run until today without interruptions or failures.

fieldclimate grafik en